Maywood Library to Host Chess Tourney Saturday, Oct. 7

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 || By Community Editor || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: Gordon Hanson instructing members of the Maywood Chess Club last year. | Submitted

This Saturday, Oct. 7, the Maywood Public Library, 121 S. 5th Ave., will host a chess tournament organized by Gordon Hanson, the founder of the Maywood Chess Club, and chess coach Esteban Guitierrez.

Participants, who can register for free, will be divided into four age groups: ages 6 to 8, ages 9 to 12, ages 13 to 16, and ages 17 to 20. Young people in each of those categories will have the chance to win cash prizes. First place winners will receive $75, second place winners will receive $25 and third place winners will receive $15.

“Plus, I have another chess champion who will give anyone $100 if they can beat him,” Hanson said in a recent interview. “His name is Herman Duarte. He’s in Maywood. I trained him as a chess player many years ago.”

Hanson said that Duarte is one of numerous former students who are willing to give back their time and energy to teaching others the game.

“There’s real buy in,” Hanson said. “I think people, more and more, recognize that, whether you like chess or not, learning to play the game is a good idea because you learn how to think ahead and how to strategize. I have some real good players, young men and women. Their self image improves when they play.”

Hanson said that the tournament will be facilitated by a professional chess tournament director out of Evanston, who will match players during each round. The whole point, he said, is to get young people thinking about their futures in a constructive way.

“The underlying theme is how to use the skills you get in chess to become entrepreneurs,” he said. “It all translates into three things: zero crime, zero poverty and innovation to make the world better.”

For info on how to register and attend, see below (click to enlarge):


One thought on “Maywood Library to Host Chess Tourney Saturday, Oct. 7

  1. By chance, I stopped by the library the day of the chess match and bought some good hot dogs. I met Gordon, and he seems very committed in giving the youth a new outlook on the game of chess. Maywood needs our youth to be stimulated for positive outcomes. Thanks Gordon, and people like him. Keep up the good work. Much love to all.

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