Maywood Village Manager Gets 1-year Extension

Friday, October 6, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: Maywood Village Manager Willie Norfleet, Jr. | File

During an Oct. 3 regular meeting, the Maywood Board of Trustees unanimously approved a resolution that renews the employment of Willie Norfleet, Jr., Maywood’s village manager since 2015, for one year.

Norfleet’s new term is from April 20, 2017 until April 20, 2018. His one-year employment agreement entails a base salary of $140,000, which includes a $15,000 performance bonus and four weeks of vacation.

Norfleet, who serves at-will, is also eligible for a 2018 performance bonus that cannot exceed $15,000 and that is based on a satisfactory review of his annual performance by the village board.

Norfleet was hired in 2015 to replace former village manager William Barlow, who retired in 2014. VFP

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5 thoughts on “Maywood Village Manager Gets 1-year Extension

  1. Wow! $140,000 bonus salary, that is coming out from the residents of Maywood tax dollars. Q:) What has Village Manager Willie Norfleet, Jr. done to improve the village of Maywood? Why is there a huge gun violence epidemic in Maywood with a homicide rate of 9? Why did he stated about the parks in Maywood he “thinks that they are in excellent condition?” Very shocking that the trustees voted to give him the 1-year extension!

  2. Not a wise move, the village is loosing it’s value. Maywood has know economic value with businesses leaving town, Aldi left an now the car dealership on 3rd an roosevelt is gone. The village has been sued on several wrongful death lawsuits an civil rights violations. The village has settled over a million dollars in lawsuits in one year out of 2 years since the village manager been in office. The village has so many vacant properties, which goes against the residence property value an increase property taxes. The village use Tiff money to help fund people projects, this money need to be used for streets improvement. The one thing we must give the village manager credit for is the collection of the water bill money, but its more bad than good. Lets make wiser decisions.

  3. How would you be able to view this performance review that is eligible for $15,000 more? How is this $140,000 evaluated? Currently Maywood definitely represents a lot of opportunity for growth. I am just truly curious to know what a Village Manager of Maywood does when surrounding Proviso Township communities don’t have the position in place, but prosper more?

  4. There were NO candidates that were qualified to be the Village Manager in the last hiring process. One guy, Scott Randall, had just been arrested for domestic violence against his wife; another, Bill Cooper, had systematically bankrupted the town of Hamtramck, MI; yet another, whose name I can’t recall, was fired from a town in Wisconsin and he made off with the car he bought for himself with town funds upon his departure. Dennis Sparks, who once held the position, deserted the city he was working for in Florida when a hurricane came through and was never heard from again!

    Now, let’s look at Norfleet. To quote the LA Times: “Norfleet came under fire over revelations in the spring that the city was running a $25-million deficit in its general fund and over his handling of deep budget cuts and mass layoffs intended to get the city’s finances stabilized.” A 25 MILLION DOLLAR deficit in the general fund! However, he DID/does have family connections in Maywood. It would appear that if you are related to anyone who lives in Maywood, you can get a damned good-paying job! $145K a year? $15K bonus? Do the Trustees have dementia or Alzheimer’s? And does Norfleet LIVE in Maywood? Last I heard he was living in Westchester and he was supposed to move to Maywood! I’m sure he is ACHING to live in Maywood.

    Seriously, folks, it made NO difference to David Myers, or any of the other Trustees that these candidates were the bottom of the barrel. They didn’t do any homework on finding out about their employment backgrounds, there was no criminal background background checks (and I have this on good authority), etc.

    So what does that leave us with? Another year, at least, of incompetent management and leaving the residents holding the money bag for Norfleet to stick his hand into. Remember our tax dollars PAY HIS SALARY! I’d like to fire him…anyone with me?

    1. THE MAYWOOD WATCHER: I’m with you 100%! I’ve been telling a lot of people in this comment section, that residents really need to educate themselves and do a thorough research, before this foolish gets out of hand. I don’t know how I’m going to say it in an abstract way, but it is up to the residents in Maywood, aka the community, if they want to see their village move forward.

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