Maywood Starts Demolition of a Dozen Hazardous Properties

Friday, October 13, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured: A multi-unit apartment building at 440 S. 14th Ave. in Maywood gets demolished on Oct. 13. | Courtesy Village of Maywood

In March, the Maywood Board of Trustees unanimously voted to put 12 vacant properties in the village on the path to fast-track demolition. Now, the actual demolition work has started.

On Oct. 13, workers began tearing down the first of those dozen properties — a multi-unit apartment building at 440 S. 14th Ave., which had been destroyed by a fire that happened in May 2014 and took the life of an elderly woman.

That property had since sat empty in its charred, ruined state. It is one of the 12 properties the village considered unsalvageable and an obvious threat to public safety.

The fast-track demolition allows municipalities to bypass the courts and demolish properties, no higher than three stories, that are “open and vacant and determined by the village to be continuing hazard to the community,” according to a memo drafted earlier this year by the village’s contracted law firm, Klein, Thorpe & Jenkins.

Maywood demolition_4

Construction crews demolishing  440 S. 14th Ave. in Maywood. | Courtesy Village of Maywood

The board had initially approved the fast-track demolition process last July.

During an interview on Oct. 13, David Myers, Maywood’s assistant village manager, said that the remaining 11 properties will be taken down relatively quickly, perhaps in the coming days or weeks, but he couldn’t put a hard timeline on when all of them will be razed. How quickly they get torn down, he said, depends on the availability of the work crews.

The other properties scheduled to be demolished include:

  • 1304 S. 21st Ave.
  • 2108 S. 8th Ave.
  • 1205 S. 16th Ave.
  • 1242 S. 16th Ave.
  • 1142 S. 17th Ave.
  • 1817 S. 20th Ave.
  • 419 S. 21st Ave.
  • 1248 S. 21st Ave.
  • 1420 S. 21st Ave.
  • 1821 S. 21st Ave.
  • 1825 S. 22nd Ave.

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