Proviso East Sends Tennis Player to State Tourney for First Time in Over 35 Years

Sunday, October 15, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Feature image: Janet Buenrostro, 14, the first Proviso East High School tennis player to qualify for the IHSA state tennis tournament in over 35 years. | Photo submitted

On Friday, Janet Buenrostro, 14, became the first Proviso East High School tennis player to qualify for the IHSA state tennis tournament in over 35 years as her coach, Peter Zak, and Mel Phillips, a volunteer coach with the team, barely contained themselves.

“We’ve tried to keep each other calm,” said Phillips on Sunday. “I don’t know if it worked. It’s exciting. We’re happy for her and happy for the community. She’s a credit to the school, to the community and to her race. There aren’t many Latino females who will be in the state tourney.”

Phillips knows the feeling. As a senior at Proviso East in 1978, he qualified for the state tournament, eventually losing to the player who would win it all.

Phillips, a well-known tennis advocate who has been coaching and holding clinics in the community for decades, said that, as far as he knows, Buenrostro is the first female Proviso East tennis player to qualify for the state tournament since at least 1980.

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Proviso East tennis coach Peter Zak, District 200 Board President Theresa Kelly, Janet Buenrostro and Mel Phillips. | Photo submitted

“For her to qualify now is even more impressive than when I did,” Phillips said. “For someone to qualify from our area is even more phenomenal in this era, given how expensive it is to compete at a high level.”

Phillips said that the financial barriers to grooming successful tennis players can be substantial in working class areas like Maywood and Melrose Park, where Buenrostro lives. Private tennis instruction can cost $100 an hour and finding an indoor tennis court to play on in the winter can be difficult and potentially costly.

And then there’s the competition. Some young tennis players, Phillips said, are homeschooled and train for hours a day, Monday through Friday. They compete in a range of tournaments across the Midwest.

What Buenrostro lacks in exposure and resources, she makes up for in deliberation and hard work. When asked how her game evolved to the level of state tournament qualifier, the freshman, who attends Proviso Math and Science Academy, sounded years older than her age.

“It was mostly being really patient and making time for all the practices and everything my dad has done to push me,” she said. “I’ve been working on being smarter by just hitting more soft shots, coming to the net, really thinking about my moves and not just hitting ground strokes back and forth.”

Zak said that he hopes Buenrostro’s success inspires more players to take up tennis, which he and Phillips said can be a great leveler for kids, particularly minorities, growing up in working class communities.

“Hopefully we’ll start growing as a program, especially with someone like Janet,” Zak said. “More and more kids are talking about us now that she’s out there. They’re excited about hearing what she’s doing. I hope her success builds up our program.”

“The networking power of tennis and golf is just amazing,” said Phillips. “Most of my major professional contacts have been through tennis. Even when I’ve had job interviews. People would be more impressed to hear that I played tennis in high school than if I’d have said I played basketball or football. I’ve been able to rub shoulders with people I otherwise wouldn’t have.”

“Tennis does open doors,” said Zak. “A lot of business gets done on the tennis court. You meet and communicate with a lot people who are decision-makers.”

Buenrostro, who plays her first state tournament match on Thursday, said that she plans on staying with the sport for the long haul, increasing her own networking prospects.

“I really enjoy tennis and the plan is to play until I can’t,” she said.  VFP 

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2 thoughts on “Proviso East Sends Tennis Player to State Tourney for First Time in Over 35 Years

  1. Wow! This is so awesome! Congratulations to everyone involved in this wonderful success story. It’s also nice to see Board President Kelly giving her support (as always)! Thanks Mike Romain and the Village Free Press for the great coverage.

  2. That is outstanding news! Congratulations to her, and I wish her all the best in the state tournament. #PiratePride

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