Theft of Trees, Flowers, Plants Reported at Maywood Park District

Monday, October 16, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: A hole where a tree once was outside of the Maywood Park District’s headquarters. | Courtesy Dawn Williams-Rone

A string of thefts have been reported by Maywood Park District officials. According to district officials, a large tree that was planted several weeks ago went missing last week. Dawn Williams-Rone, the park district commission president, said she noticed the missing tree on the morning of Oct. 12.

Williams-Rone also said that a few days prior to noticing the missing tree, she noticed that at least five plants and flowers had been dug up and stolen on the School Street side of the park district’s Central Area Headquarters, at the corner of 9th Ave. and Madison St.

Maywood Park District theft_Tree

The tree that was stolen outside of the Maywood Park District’s headquarters. | Photo courtesy Dawn Williams-Rone

And on Oct. 16, Williams-Rone said that two more bushes had been dug up and taken in the middle of the day the previous Sunday.

“In the large hole that was dug up  with a shovel, the person left a hat,” Williams-Rone said. “There is also a dirt trail from the hole onto the concrete that shows the direction that the tree was taken.”

The landscaping had been installed as part of a renovation of the district’s headquarters, which has included the installation of a new basketball court, a tee-ball playing field and a concrete ping-pong tables, among other features. The district has scheduled a ribbon-cutting for the newly renovated grounds for Oct. 21.

Maywood Police Chief Valdimir Talley confirmed that the park district filed a police report on Oct. 12 at around 11:13 a.m. Police and park district officials were still investigating the stolen foliage on Oct. 16.

On Monday, Williams-Rone said that the park district commission plans to address the thefts at a meeting this week. VFP 

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3 thoughts on “Theft of Trees, Flowers, Plants Reported at Maywood Park District

  1. Just when you think you’ve see it all, someone steals a TREE of all things, and leaves an ugly black cap and a shovel in its place. Just goes to prove my belief that in Maywood it doesn’t matter what it is – someone will steal it. I used to say if it wasn’t nailed down someone would steal it, but now I can’t say that anymore. No one and nothing is safe in Maywood …

    1. THE MAYWOOD WATCHER: True, if you let the village of Maywood be not safe. But, there are other thefts that has been going on in the Proviso Township. Example: Forest Park, Oak Park, River Forest, where there have been some car thefts, burglary, and robbery. My point is that you can live in a nice community or a gated community, it can still happen. It’s going to take the residents of Maywood and the Maywood Police Department to stand up and say “enough! We’re going to turn you in.”

  2. All I can say is that I hope that the Maywood Police Department and the residents can collaborate by finding the perpetrator that did his incident, and bring the person to justice. Just when the Maywood Park District is moving forward to finally have something to help the children in Maywood, this incident just happen.

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