Maywood, Renewing Interest in Acquiring Property, Looks at Bushwood

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: The Bushwood Golf Practice Center and Driving Range. | 

The village of Maywood recently hit the refresh button on attempts to acquire an abandoned Roosevelt Road auto dealership and the former Bushwood Golf Practice Center and Driving Range on Madison St. for redevelopment purposes.

During an Oct. 17 regular meeting, the Maywood Board of Trustees voted unanimously to direct staff to begin the process of taking over the tax certificate to the Bushwood property, located at 30 W. Madison, from the Cook County Land Bank Authority, which acquired the certificate in a scavenger sale in July. Trustees Antonio Sanchez, Melvin Lightford and Ron Rivers were absent.

Village staff had also presented to the board the option of allowing the Land Bank to take the deed to the property and then selling it to a private developer for redevelopment. That scenario, staff said, would have been hindered by the environmental problems associated with the property.

The village has been trying to acquire the auto dealership, along with some parcels surrounding it, since it at least July 2013, when the board signed a resolution requesting and authorizing the county to submit a no-cash bid that would allow the village to purchase the properties’ delinquent tax deeds.

The vacant dealership, located at 415 Roosevelt Rd., was most recently home to West Suburban Auto Group before it closed 10 years ago. Since then, the owners of the property have allowed the taxes to fall into delinquency.

Maywood dealership I

The vacant auto dealership at 415 Roosevelt Rd., which the village has been trying to acquire since at least 2013. | Village of Maywood 

In addition to the auto dealership, the village is also attempting to acquire the vacant auto repair garage and vacant lot annexing the dealership at 2120 S. 5th Avenue.

According a 2016 Village Free Press report, county records showed that the owner of the auto dealership, its surrounding lots and the abandoned auto repair garage had not paid taxes since 2014.

As of last year, the delinquent taxes on the properties — which include five separate property pin numbers — totaled more than $415,000, records showed.

Michael Marrs, an attorney with the village’s law firm, Klein, Thorpe & Jenkins, said that the owner contested the tax proceedings and the Circuit Court ruled, on a technicality, in favor of the owner.

“We’re taking another run at it,” Marrs said during the Oct. 17 meeting. “The way the schedule is playing out, we should have a right to get these certificates of purchase on these properties by early to mid-summer.” VFP 

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4 thoughts on “Maywood, Renewing Interest in Acquiring Property, Looks at Bushwood

      1. It’s interesting that Maywood is so hell bent on acquiring real estate when it can’t pay its bills the way it is. Whose lame-brained idea is this? Let’s see… when Henderson was mayor, he snatched up all sorts of vacant properties for the village… he was also an active real estate broker. I think he still is. Norfleet is probably hanging onto his coat tails. I wish someone in village administration could TRUTHFULLY tell me why they are spending money they don’t have, why the general fund in something like $1M+ in the hole, and why did they let it get this way!

        (I have to admit I’d love to have a golf practice center back in the village – I used it often. Maywood could privatize the running of the center and make some money off of it that way rather than taking it for development purposes.)

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