Man Charged With Murder In Connection To Jan. 8 Bellwood Nightclub Shooting

Sunday, January 14, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured images: Troy Taylor, 25, who was charged with first-degree murder. | Cook County Sheriff’s Office 

A Chicago man has been charged in connection to a Jan. 8 shooting outside of nightclub in Bellwood that left two people wounded and one man dead.

Troy Taylor, 27, was charged first-degree murder, according to Bellwood police. According to Cook County documents, he was denied bail.

The shooting, police say, took place after a fight broke out between two parties inside of Avenue 23, a nightclub and bar located at 2305 St. Charles Road, in Bellwood. According to a statement released by Bellwood police, officers responded to calls of multiple shots fired at around 1:14 a.m.

The confrontation continued in the nightclub parking lot, where shots were fired, leaving two wounded and Lazarrek T. Ellis, 30, of Chicago, dead. Authorities did not disclose the conditions of the two people who were wounded.

Taylor is due back in court on Jan. 17. VFP

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10 thoughts on “Man Charged With Murder In Connection To Jan. 8 Bellwood Nightclub Shooting

  1. How the heck would you know? If you know he didn’t do it go to the police and tell them who did. Oh, wait! People around here don’t know ‘nuttin’ ’bout ‘nuttin’.

  2. he killed my cousin no doubt about tht and she saying he didnt was u their he killed him cuz he has i dont give a fuck face but we got justice for a good cousin friend father and son he broke our hearts now the system finto lay him down for life trust and believe tht

    1. My friend gone he not come back camera showed he killed him so stay in your lane Teneisha 😡😡😡👊👊

  3. Ghetto, ghetto ghetto. Ignorance at it’s best. There’s a dead person, and another awaiting trial,and the best support that could be given to the parties in pain is shit talking each other? There is no respect for life anymore. No wonder no one takes us seriously. My condolences to the family in morning, and godspeed to the person in custody. If innocent, let it come to light, if guilty, man up and pay what you owe. Much ….. nevermind.

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