Police Chase Results In 2-Car Collision On Washington Blvd.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: Police were chasing after a red car that collided with another car on Washington Blvd. on July 25. Two people were apprehended, witnesses said. | VFP 

An afternoon police chase down Washington Boulevard on July 25 resulted in a two-car collision, multiple injuries and at least two people in custody, according to emergency dispatch records and witnesses.

Police were chasing a red car driving eastbound on Washington Blvd. just after 1:45 p.m. on July 25, when the suspect’s car collided with another vehicle on 17th and Washington Blvd. Witnesses said the chase likely started in Bellwood before ending in Maywood.

“They crashed really bad,” said one witness.  “The police were already there to get [the suspect], so he hid under the car. We thought he was dead, because he wouldn’t move.”

Moments after the collision, a witness said, a woman who was in the suspect’s car “was sitting next to the car in handcuffs,” her face bloodied from the accident.

DuJuan Jay, who lives a block from where the accident happened, said that he saw police chasing the red car at more than 80 milers per hour. Seconds later, he heard a loud crash.

“When I heard the crash, I came out the house and saw the red car crashed into the back of a white car,” he said. “The red car was still going, it had rolled to the left and stopped. The man rolled out of the car. He was hurt. The police got him and cuffed him. I heard him screaming, but I don’t know what was going on.”

Jay said that he saw three people in the white car. Two of them appeared to be injured. The driver, he said, didn’t appear hurt.

At least three ambulances arrived to take victims to a nearby hospital. A section of Washington Blvd., from 16th to 18th Avenues, was closed down for at least 30 minutes after the collision.

Police on the scene of the accident did not comment on the crash. VFP 

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One thought on “Police Chase Results In 2-Car Collision On Washington Blvd.

  1. How many drivers get away from the police in Maywood and Bellwood? Running from the police is becoming a trend in our village. This only happens when violators have a high probability for success. One the violators are becoming more stupid or two police is giving way to occurrences. What ever the cause, innocent people are suffering. This has to stop. So Chief of Police hit the drawing board and find a solution. Speed bumps on Washington Boulevard would be a start, much love to all.

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