Maywood Plays Role In R. Kelly Lifetime Docu-Series

Saturday, January 5, 2019 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

The six-hour documentary series, “Surviving R. Kelly,” which aired on Lifetime over three days, from Thursday through Saturday, has caused a nationwide stir. And it turns out Maywood has a bit part to play in the viral production.

The Chicago singer’s former tour manager and personal assistant, described in one of the episodes his role in falsifying a marriage certificate.

USA Today summarized the incident in a recent article.

“Kelly reportedly married singer Aaliyah on Aug. 31, 1994, using a falsified Cook County marriage certificate, later published by Vibe, that listed her age as 18. (She was, in fact, just 15 at the time.) Demetrius Smith, Kelly’s former tour manager and personal assistant, who has come out previously with disturbing details about his time with the singer, shared more details about Kelly and Aaliyah’s wedding day.

“‘I’m not proud of that (day),’ he said. “I had papers forged for them. Aaliyah was underage. We got the marriage license, we were at a hotel in Maywood, Illinois. It was just a quick little ceremony, nothing elaborate. Aaliyah didn’t have a white dress, Robert didn’t have on a tux, just everyday wear. Robert said ‘I do.’ Him and Aaliyah.'”

The marriage was annulled shortly afterward. According to the actual certificate and multiple media reports, however, the place where the religious ceremony happened was the Sheraton Gateway Suite, 6501 Mannheim Rd. in Rosemont.

Smith also recounted the episode in a 2011 tell-all book he authored, in which he says that he attempted to retrieve a marriage license in Maywood.

But couples in Chicago or suburban Cook County who are seeking to obtain a marriage license must get it from the Cook County Clerk’s Office.

Another Maywood angle

Rev. Jacques A. Conway , the former pastor of Neighborhood United Methodist Church, 1817 Washington Blvd. in Maywood, was among the dozens of people interviewed for the six-hour documentary series.

Conway was once the basketball coach of the young Oak Park girl who allegedly appears in the infamous sex tape that nearly sent Kelly to jail. Conway also testified at Kelly’s trial, where he confirmed the identity of the girl. A jury found the singer not guilty of child pornography charges. VFP

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