LETTERS: Why I Still Support The Maywood Visionary Party

Sunday, February 3, 2019 || LETTERS || Opinion || @maywoodnews

I along with a group of concerned citizens came together in early 2016 to support five candidates whose ages ranged from 42 through 67, who came from many different backgrounds, had different professions but understood that it would take a vision to work together toward a common goal. We supported those individuals and still do today!  

During the 2017 election, this group brought their “Vision of Change,” their “Vision of Accountability,” their “Vision of Economic Development,” their “Vision of Safety” and their “Vision of Constituent Services” to the residents, letting them know how they would accomplish such change. This group is called the Maywood Visionary Party.

Prior to MVP announcing their vision and their party name, no one spoke of a vision.  This is clear due to what we have and are dealing with today. Since then, every candidate or political party has suddenly come up with a “vision.” While this is great, I do not want anyone confused as to where the “vision” originated. 

Antonette “Toni” Dorris and Steven R. Smiley are the trustee candidates on the Maywood Visionary Party ticket.  

In my opinion, we need seasoned young people to reclaim and work together to move this village forward. We need elected officials who are not afraid to stand up to status quo. We need elected officials who will not become weary, who will roll their sleeves up and work hard together. We need people who will stand up for the residents’ needs and not play “politricks” just to garner votes for their election. 

I have supported MVP in the past and still support the direction of MVP! I strongly recommend that when April 2, 2019 comes, you will vote for people who have tenacity, experience and resources to become our future leaders.   

As a former trustee for the village of Maywood, and at 81 years of age, I am still involved with my village. I would hope many of us, 65 or older, would offer and continue to give knowledge, direction and empower strong individuals like the MVP candidates who have the desire to properly represent and work for us.

Our time has come and gone and now we need to pass the baton to those who are willing and able to work together. Change is needed now! 

Call us 708-689-9(MVP)-(9687) to know more about MVP. I’m very proud of this ticket and look forward to you joining me with your support! VFP

— Gloria Clay, Maywood Visionary Party co-campaign manager   

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