Maywood Sells Lots To Developers Looking To Build New Homes

Saturday, March 9, 2019 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

Featured image: A conceptual design of a new home within a bid for bundles lots submitted by Andrews Home Design and Renovation. The bid was rejected in favor of a higher bid by another developer for the same properties. | Andrews Home Design and Renovation

During a regular meeting on March 5, the Maywood Board of Trustees voted unanimously to approve the sale of village-owned vacant lots to two developers who plan on building new homes in the village. Trustee Ron Rivers was absent.

In December 2017, the board authorized the creation of the Vacant to Valued program, which allows developers to buy bundles of vacant land owned by the village for low prices in order to spur new construction and get the lots back on the tax roll.

Abbye Diaz, of Melrose Park-based Abbye Construction LLC, paid $2,000 to buy one bundle of land comprising lots at 1115 S. 4th Ave., 1825 S. 21st Ave. and 518 N. 6th Ave. in Maywood. Diaz, who has developed three homes in the village, is planning on building four new homes on those newly purchased lots.

Diaz told board members that he started developing properties in Maywood last year. He said he spent $60,000 on his first home and sold it for $205,000.

“I want to keep working in Maywood,” Diaz said. “I have another two properties right now. One will be done in March. The other probably in May.”

The board also sold two bundles of lots and a single lot to Greg Batelli, of Hillside-based Batelli Partners LLC, for $18,000. Batelli paid $8,000 for one bundle comprising 4 S. 20th Ave., 128 S. 13th Ave. and 203/205 S. 15th Ave. in Maywood. He paid $9,000 for a bundle comprising 711 S. 9th Ave., 431 S. 14th Ave. and 1114 S. 2nd Ave. And he paid $1,000 for a single plot of land at 1601 S. 5th Ave.

A map of village-owned Vacant to Valued bundles. | Courtesy Village of Maywood

Batelli Partners has more than 21 years of real estate developmental, rental and rehab experience, Greg Batelli explained in a document. He added that at least 50 percent of the company’s sub-contractors are residents of Maywood. The company currently has 20 rental homes in the village and has rehabbed and sold 16 properties in Maywood within the last two years, he explained.

Batelli plans to build new homes “for sale and rent” on the recently purchased lots. He didn’t specify how many properties he plans to build. The board approved Batelli’s bid for the two bundles over a competing bid submitted by Orland Hills-based Andrews Home Design and Renovation that was half as much — a total of $9,000 for the two bundles.

The recent lot sales come as three new multi-unit homes for low-income and disabled renters are nearing completion. Those three properties, which are part of a program administered by the Housing Authority of Cook County, are located at 1902, 2009, 2024 and 2032 South 5th Avenue. VFP

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