Workers At Broadview Manufacturing Plant Go On Strike

Friday, March 22, 2019 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

Featured image: Workers strike outside of Headly Manufacturing in Broadview. | Submitted photo

Workers at a manufacturing company in Broadview went on strike for an hour on Friday morning. The demonstration resulted in company officials locking the workers out, prompting the workers to file a federal complaint, according to a statement released by Arise Chicago, a workers’ rights organization.

According to Arises’s statement, workers from Headly Manufacturing, 4512, 2700 23rd St. in Broadview, commenced a 1-hour unfair labor practice strike at 6 a.m. on March 22. Headly makes precision drawn metal stampings, according to its website.

The workers claim that the company recently threatened to fire many of them in the coming weeks, but provided no explanation.

“Workers suspect it may be to hire new employees at lower pay,” according to the Arise statement. “Many are long-time workers, including some who have worked at Headly for over 20 years. With little notice of potential job loss, they are left wondering how to support their families.”

One worker, Genario Garcia, said that the employees are “demanding that the company or minimally give us more notice in order to be able to look for new jobs. It’s not easy to find work.”

After the 1-hour strike finished, according to Arise, the workers “attempted an unconditional return to work,” but were “locked out by management, in violation of the National Labor Relations Act.”

An attorney for the workers has since filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board.

“We arrived to go into work like always, but when we tried to go in, the doors were locked,” said Mario Albor, a Headly employee. “We knocked but no one answered or opened the door. I’ve worked here for seven years, but some of my co-workers have been here longer: 20 years, 28 years. The company is threatening to leave us without income to support our families, pay our rent or mortgages.”

Arise officials added that Friday was payday and that, “by locking the workers out, the company is not providing employees with their scheduled paychecks.”

Headly officials could not be immediately reached when contacted on Friday, after the end of the business day. This article will be updated if, and when, the company responds. VFP

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