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Sunday, March 24, 2019 || LETTERS || OPINIONS || @maywoodnews

I am Alisa Buchmeier and I am asking you to re-elect me for a 2-year term as Maywood Park District Commissioner on April 2. I have been a Maywood resident since 2012 and on the Maywood Park District Commission since being appointed to the late Bill Hampton’s seat last April. I love our home and all the wonderful people we have met because of it. My husband and I, along with our two boys, live in a historic home in the Old Town neighborhood of Maywood.

I have seen positive changes at Maywood’s Park District in the past few years. Positive energy is being created by our new Executive Director, Lonette Hall and her staff. I support Ms. Hall, who comes to us via IAPD (Illinois Association of Park Districts) and is essential to help Maywood build a better future for our community as a whole. Ms. Hall has proven that hiring a qualified and experienced leader is the right step toward efficiency and success.

Maywood’s Park District, now has a transparent accounting system in place and we receive accurate finance reports at our monthly meetings. Most importantly, The Lightford Recreation Center, 809 Madison St., is fully renovated after decades of being shuttered.

I believe that education and communication are the keys to progress. I am fortunate to have been able to attended two Park District conferences in the past 12 months. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the team spirit that I observed between different IL Park Districts, Cook County Forest Preserves and the new Executive Director of Maywood Park District. It really exemplified good sportsmanship and how much better we can all be if we work together and share our resources.

Broadly, I want to provide Maywoodians with Park and Recreational programs that our neighboring communities have, make the most of all our green space and promote a sense of community between families and neighbors.

More specifically, my focus for the next two years will be, expansion of the Park District:

  • In receiving our remaining parks and recreational facilities from the village of Maywood, per the 2007 referendum the park district will be able to expand facilities and amenities throughout the Village.
  • Create a multi-sport complex.
  • Restore the original location of Veterans Memorial Park to Conner-Heise Park, 11th and Washington, and update the park grounds.
  • Establish a historic museum at The Gunzert House, 216 S 10th Ave., and continue with the excavations of DePaul University’s Urban Archaeological Field School conducted in 2013-2015.
  • Provide outdoor recreational fitness programs.
  • Establish picnic groves for the Maywood community.
  • Illinois Prairie path project.
  • Capital improvement projects.

I look forward to our continued partnerships with District 89, District 209, the Cook County Forest Preserves, SRS (Special Recreation Services) and PP4H (Proviso Partners for Health).

A strong Park District provides far reaching benefits to people of all ages.

Residents see health benefits, there are benefits to the environment and in the end, all ships rise with a high tide!

I am supporting Dawn Williams-Rone, our current Maywood Park District Commission president and Kenneth Watkins, a write-in candidate for the Maywood Park District Commission to keep Maywood’s Park District on our current, positive path. Please vote for me, as well. 

— Alisa Buchmeier, Maywood Park District Commission vice president

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