Steven Hunter’s STEAM Program Expands To Broadview’s Lindop

Monday, May 6, 2019 || By Community Editor || @maywoodnews

Featured image: Steven Hunter, D92 Supt. Janiece Jackson and Billy Garner, the vice president for community outreach for WOZ ED, during the launch of a new STEAM initiative at Lindop on May 2. | Steven Hunter/Facebook

Maywood native, former Proviso East hoops standout and former NBA center Steven Hunter has already provided STEAM kits to elementary school students in Bellwood District 88 and Maywood-Melrose Park-Broadview District 89.

Now, the Pirate is including Lindop District 92 students in action. On May 2, Hunter launched the his STEAM program at Lindop School, 2400 S. 18th Ave. in Broadview, before a crowd of more than 100 K-8 students who participated, according to a press release issued by WOZ Ed — the technology education organization that Hunter partnered with Hunter’s Steven Hunter Youth Foundation on the STEAM initiative.

WOZ ED officials said that the initiative seeks to equip schools with “tools and resources that inspire and foster creativity, using 3-D printers and drones, block and text-based coding tools, robots and cybersecurity simulations. More importantly, the robust lessons are designed not just for students, but for teachers to easily and readily guide their students.”

In addition, students in the program are given the opportunity to learn coding and software development skills.

“Our mission at WOZ ED is to provide students with the right tools and opportunities to succeed in a competitive world,” Karen Young, WOZ ED’s CEO, in the statement. “Work today demands that students arm themselves with the latest technology and knowledge and we’re proud to be able to provide that for as many students as possible as early in life as possible.”

Steven Hunter at Lindop on May 2. | Tiah Flowers/Facebook

“As a native of the Chicago area, I’m grateful for the opportunity to share with young students the endless possibilities that a STEAM education makes available to them,” Hunter stated. “This type of education has the power to change and shape young lives and any time we can open doors to kids who might have not had the chance to experience technology up close, it’s a good day.”

Sonya Spaulding, Lindop’s principal, thanked Hunter and WOZ ED for the additional resources.

“As educators, we always strive to provide our students with the best tools to succeed, not just in school, but in life,” she said. “We are grateful to Steven and WOZ ED for supplying our students with STEAM kits so they can gain first-hand knowledge of the world that awaits them. These types of hands-on programs and approaches are extremely beneficial for students to explore the immensity of opportunities the STEAM field provides.” VFP

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