One Man In Custody After May 9 Shootout Near Maywood Daycare

Friday, May 10, 2019 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

Featured image: Pee Wee’s Daycare in Maywood, which was the near the scene of a shooting on May 9. | File

One man is in custody after a Thursday night shooting in Maywood that happened near a daycare.

Police say that the shooting happened at around 11 p.m. on May 9, near the corner of 5th Ave and Lake St.

“One man got into a shootout with another individual who probably followed him from Bellwood,” said Maywood Police Lt. Dennis Diaz.

Christopher Criptendon, 21, of Lombard, was arrested and charged with two counts of criminal damage to property and one count of reckless conduct, Diaz said, adding that Criptendon has a valid FOID card.

“Criptendon was shot at first and returned fire. Maywood Police were on the scene pretty quickly and took him into custody,” Diaz said, adding that 21-year-old did not offer a motive for why he was followed and shot at.

The window that had shattered was boarded up by Friday afternoon, but bullet holes were still visible in other areas. | File

Diaz said that no injuries were reported, but that a window of Pee Wee’s Daycare, 30 N. 5th Ave. in Maywood, was shot out. Bullets also hit a car that was parked in the area.

On Friday morning, the parents of children who attend Pee Wee’s Daycare had to navigate through the trail of destruction left in the shooting’s wake.

“I watched children walk to their daycare with their parents over broken glass and past bullet holes in the windows of the building they were walking into,” said one person who heard the shooting and lives nearby.

The corner of 5th Ave. and Lake St. is a haven for young kids. To the daycare’s immediate south and east are buildings owned by Maywood Fine Arts, an organization that services at least 1,000 children a week at all hours of the day.

Christopher Criptendon is currently in custody on two counts of criminal damage to property and one count of reckless conduct. | Courtesy Maywood Police Department

The owner of the building in which the daycare center is located said that he saw the damage this morning.

Criptendon is due in bond court at the Criminal Court Building, 2650 S. California Ave. in Chicago, tomorrow morning. VFP

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