LETTERS: Maywood, It’s Time For A Change

Monday, June 24, 2019 || LETTERS || @maywoodnews

Maywood, it’s time for a change.

I attended the Maywood Liquor Commission meeting on June 20 in Village Council Chambers. In this meeting the, the commission was voting to approve or not approve a Class M liquor license application for 400 Lake Street and 705 S. 5th Avenue in Maywood.

I was in distinct opposition to the application and presented the following evidence to show why:

  • Statistics that show that over $500,000 dollars of local revenue have been drained from Maywood from a single operator, Lacey’s Place, over the past 18 months.
  • Data from ProPublic that shows how the state and municipal governments have been short-changed.
  • I brought in a petition with over 176 names that are in opposition to the applicant.
  • I indicated that we could do better as a community for ourselves and was followed by five more Maywoodians who spoke in opposition during a public comment portion that gave each resident a strict 3-minute limit.

Felt that went well. Held my cool.

Then I found out what our problem really is. Our mayor does not believe in us. Without provocation, she cited that the reason we don’t have a grocery store is that we did not shop at the independently owned grocery store that was once here. Yes, that one — funded by a cabal of incompetence (the real reason it failed).

The mayor’s irrelevant comment translates into the following assumptions: that we are incapable of supporting the businesses we want in this town; that we are somehow deficient and don’t deserve such things; that we should instead be happy that the purveyors of vice and social ills are here to rescue and fund our town.

Breathe … I had to interrupt and ask how dare she speak that way of the people of this town. We are capable of more than she understands and for that reason, she must go. I voted for Edwenna Perkins and, boy, did I make the wrong choice.

I ask those who support her to take a look around and ask yourselves: What has she done for our town?

We have decades of blight with no progress in the greatest economic expansion in more than a century. Towns all around us thrive. We bring our needs and dollars to our neighboring towns.

Maywood languishes under the dim expectation of its people by its leader. It is time for us to watch closely as she moves more gambling and liquor into our town even though we voted to ask her not to.

Beware Maywood, our leader is working against your hopes. Edwenna, your comments and sentiments at the meeting were very clear.

Wayne Beals, Maywood

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