Broadview Board Praises Retiring Police Commander Michael Kosik

Friday, August 16, 2019 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

Featured image: Broadview board members with retiring police commander Michael Kosick, center, and Broadview Police Chief Kevin Eugling, far left. | Screenshot

The Broadview Board of Trustees praised retiring Broadview Police commander Michael Kosick during a regular meeting on Aug. 5. Kosick recently retired from the department after 30 years of service. He will work as a resource officer at Lindop Elementary School.

“It’s always hard to see our longtime workers leave,” said Trustee Judy Miller. “I remember having a conversation with Commander Kosick years ago when I was on the board prior and he seemed so passionate about making sure that the community moves forward. Sometimes we forget that our officers actually do care. We say that they’re not in it for us or to make things happen and he actually was.”

Trustee Sherman Jone said that Kosik — who has worked as a juvenile officer, detective, patrol sergeant and operations commander — served in virtually every position within the department except for chief.

“He’s helped people at all stops,” Jones said, adding that Kosick has also worked at Home Depot in Broadview for many years. “He has a helping hand for anybody.”

Michael Kosick, who recently retired from the Broadview Police Department, was praised for his personality and years of standup service on Aug. 5. | Broadview Police Department/Facebook

After reading a resolution acknowledging Kosick’s years of service, Broadview Mayor Katrina Thompson called him “the comedian of the police department,” before adding that the retiring commander “is such a fun guy. He has a great personality and when I heard he was going over to Lindop to be the resource officer for them, I thought that was the best connection for that school.

“It made sense for his background — he troubleshoots, he’s well-rounded, he’s personable and approachable. That’s good for a school environment,” Thompson said, before addressing Lindop officials in the audience.

“You have one of the best that Broadview can offer,” the mayor said. VFP

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