Hair Stylists Flock To Broadview For Domestic Violence Training

Wednesday, August 28, 2019 || By Shanel Romain || @maywoodnews

Featured image: Master stylist Kevin Anthony White teaching onlookers hair coloring techniques Sunday at the Blue Note Jazz Club in Broadview. | Shanel Romain

Tina Mays, of Country Club Hills, has been a cosmetologist for 29 years. She’s seen and heard the gamut, but even she concedes that some things are never easy to see or hear — no matter how many years a person has been your client.

“Domestic violence is a sensitive thing to talk about,” said Mays, who was among several hundred cosmetologists, barbers and instructors who passed through the Blue Note Jazz Club last week.

For two days on Aug. 25 and Aug. 26, the club at 1715 Roosevelt Rd. in Broadview was transformed into a large salon by Broadview-based JV Productions, a hair industry production company.

Johnny Vaughn, the production company’s owner, said that the company celebrated its 25th anniversary by hosting a domestic violence training session — the first one in Proviso Township, he said.

Johnny Vaughn, the owner of JV Productions, said that his company has been producing training shows in the hair industry for 25 years. | Shanel Romain

In 2017, a new state law took effect that requires stylists to earn domestic abuse prevention training in order to secure or renew their license to operate. The event was among the largest of its kind and includes training sessions in areas such as salon management, makeup and natural hair.

“Everyone will be scrambling here for the next two days,” Vaughn said during an interview on Aug. 25. “The deadline for renewal is Sept. 30.”

Mays, who works in Oak Park, said that the training has enhanced how she communicates with clients about sensitive issues like domestic abuse.

“Over the years, because I’ve been in the industry so long, I’ve seen signs of domestic violence, so I was glad they introduced this training and made us first responders,” she said. “You learn how to approach different situations with your clients.”

Veronica Ruiz, a cosmetologist, barber and instructor said that hair stylists must renew their license every two years. She said that she’s thankful that domestic violence training is now part of the renewal process.

Cosmetologists listen in on Michael Banks’ brand marketing session on Sunday at the Blue Note in Broadview. | Shanel Romain

“You need that domestic violence class to know if one of your clients is going through any type of violence,” Ruiz said. “You never know what other people are going through and this training helped me to see and to know when something is not right.”

Gabrielle Page, a licensed esthetician, said that the training helped her to hone her interpersonal skills.

“This teaches us how to interact with clients,” she said of the domestic violence training. “In life, we all experience different altercations. This teaches us to solve certain issues that may come up rather than ignore them.”

Many of the attendees who were at the Blue Note on Sunday afternoon were Spanish-speaking. Vaughn said his company has been catering to Spanish-speaking salons for 25 years.

“A lot of the salon owners were distressed and didn’t have the opportunity to go out here and get education or buy products,” he said. “So, I started a team that has been going into Spanish salons all over and educating them. This is pretty big and I’ve been glad to be able to serve this audience.” VFP

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