Bellwood Gives More Restaurants Opportunity To Add Video Gaming

Thursday, August 29, 2019 || By Igor Studenkov || @maywoodnews

During an Aug. 21 meeting, the Bellwood Board of Trustees voted unanimously to allow restaurants that are open after midnight to have video gaming machines. The village had already allowed restaurants that closed by 11 p.m. to apply for video gaming licenses.

Peter Tsiolis, Bellwood’s chief of staff, said that the village had received a number of requests both from existing restaurants that want to offer video gaming and business owners who wanted to open restaurants with video gaming components. The village, Tsiolis said, felt that there was enough demand to make the change.

The change only affects restaurants that are allowed to stay open until 1 a.m. Tsiolis said that the village already has two restaurants that would qualify and, because of the liquor license caps, only one new restaurant will be eligible to apply.

In order to be able to offer video gambling, Bellwood businesses need to get a Class V-G liquor license. Before August, only certain businesses, such as entertainment venues, liquor stores larger than 10,000 square feet and halls belonging to fraternal organizations like the American Legion could apply for that license.

“I think there’s been a number of requests for the past few years,” Tsiolis said. “And I think the village board responded to those requests.” VFP

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